What’s New

What’s New  – Start Line and Athletes’ Village

BAA and John Hancock VIPs back to the gyms – BAA & John Hancock VIPs will once again be staged at the Brown and Doyle Gyms (Brown – Middle School Cafeteria; Doyle Middle School near the fields.

Gear Check and pick up – New location will be on Boylston Street between Berkeley and Arlington. The runners will continue to walk down the finish line chute to get to the gear check tents.

New Charity information – Almost all charities in the Village will now be back to the baseball fields be along the upper field fence line. Please see the map on page 7 for more detail. – Dana Farber and Tedy’s Team runners will have neon Tyvex wristbands (pink and orange) to distinguish them but these are for busing from downtown only and do not provide access to either gym.

New location of lower field Information Booth in the Village – The new location of the information booth in the lower field will be in the same spot as 2015 near the coffee tent.

New Credentials (by Zones) – All volunteer credentials will be supplied by the BAA and this year each credential will grant access to specific security zones. Check out page 8 in this document to see all the zones.

Volunteer check-in – Primary volunteer check-in for the Start line will be at the Center School next to the Common. If you are working in the Village make sure to give yourself extra time to get to the Village. Or come by the Common during the weekend. For Information Booth volunteers ask for Craig and he’ll have your jacket and badge. – Recommended parking for volunteers is Hopkinton State Park.

Volunteer Lunches & Buses back to Boston – Lunches will be at the Information Booth at the Common. Buses will leave from the Common starting around 1:00PM to go back to Boston. Buses to the state park with run once the roads are open (approximately 1:30PM).

Bib Replacement – Will again be at the Information Booth in the Common.

No personal Drones – report them if you see them. – However, there will be drones for security purposes. They will be tethered to the ground. If you see a drone please report it to an information booth.